X-T2 Test-3067There is a light
It burns outside my window every night

It burns so bright I never sleep

It burns outside the world

For every mother of a child in constant illness and distress

It is the light of a special soul
The light of helplessness
The light of hope




I hope not talking to me

Makes everything better

I hope my voice disappearing,

Makes everything quiet

I hope my absence

Makes you present

I hope you find peace

Without my love

I hope whoever you talk to

Is better than me

I hope not seeing me

Feels good

I hope not kissing me is a relief

I hope not making love to me is ecstasy

I hope there is happiness

In pretending I’m not alive.

Hope is not love.

Love is hope.


There are only so many times I can say I’m sorry
Before it falls on deaf ears
So many times I can tell you I love you
until my heart lies bleeding on the floor
I’m bearing the weight of a cross I don’t own
My forehead is bleeding from a crown of thorns
Crucified –  I feel blood in my eyes and taste it in my mouth
The spikes in my hands and feet,
don’t make me feel like the son of  a God
And I’m okay with that
Because, I’d rather burn in hell
Than be alone in heaven