There is a reaction that happens between us
it doesn’t matter if we’re together or apart
light a fuse, without knowing what it will ignite
a cool breeze on a hot day
an out of control fire
then just easy and kind
the beauty of a sunset
the thunder and lightning of a storm


There are only so many times I can say I’m sorry
Before it falls on deaf ears
So many times I can tell you I love you
until my heart lies bleeding on the floor
I’m bearing the weight of a cross I don’t own
My forehead is bleeding from a crown of thorns
Crucified –  I feel blood in my eyes and taste it in my mouth
The spikes in my hands and feet,
don’t make me feel like the son of  a God
And I’m okay with that
Because, I’d rather burn in hell
Than be alone in heaven

A Blessing from the Moon


I was thinking

Enjoy, and not lament tonight, its a celebration, make it one

with a smile and ease I know you have, because you have that ease with me

One of the terrible things I’ve lost, is the ability to have a physical presence for some milestones traveled

Like I’ve passed, but I’m alive

I’ll never forget that

But I’ve shed enough tears for now, so I will instead send love, and hope that somehow the universe will deliver it to everyone

Like a blessing from the moon