X-T2 Test-3067There is a light
It burns outside my window every night

It burns so bright I never sleep

It burns outside the world

For every mother of a child in constant illness and distress

It is the light of a special soul
The light of helplessness
The light of hope




I hope not talking to me

Makes everything better

I hope my voice disappearing,

Makes everything quiet

I hope my absence

Makes you present

I hope you find peace

Without my love

I hope whoever you talk to

Is better than me

I hope not seeing me

Feels good

I hope not kissing me is a relief

I hope not making love to me is ecstasy

I hope there is happiness

In pretending I’m not alive.

Hope is not love.

Love is hope.



When you feel like there’s nothing left to lose

Your mind arrives at uncharted destinations

When lone becomes the mask of the wolf you wear

You stop howling, for fear someone might hear

Hiding becomes life

Then life becomes an erased chalkboard called hope

When I feel like there’s nothing left to lose

I remember
There’s you